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Written by on March 10, 2018

DJ TKO emigrated from London England (08.09.08) where he had been a DJ for many years covering corporate events for the advertiser Saachi  & Saachi and a regular spot next to the London eye for Namco (the company that made the computer game Pacman). Namco charged 15,000 pounds a night to corporate customers for their events, and DJ TKO was the resident DJ for some superb corporate nights.

With his passion for radio and electronics, DJ TKO’s background enabled him and his friends to pirate broadcast for 5 years, specialising in Jazz Funk, Soul, RNB, Old Skool House, Garage, Techno, Hardcore, DNB , Acid House & Dance music in general.

In the UK no licences were granted on FM and we believed in freedom of music akin to freedom of speech. The public loved what we were doing and supported us at the awesome raves we held. His solid crew of DJ C, DJ Simon, Pete Collins ( Phase Fm) & the Jamie M  AKA the Sniper and all the (Frontline crew) kept the vibe alive, playing music together for many years.

Jason (DJ TKO) is loving broadcasting on a legal station and even more so being able to play the music he loves with virtually no restrictions (no play lists etc..), enabling him to be diverse and not have to repeat tunes over and over again. Pulzar FM is a fantastic platform for Christchurch with its diversity for up and coming local artists, It is just like playing on a pirate station, but better as no one is chasing after you, not yet anyway!

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