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Laidback Luke: “Are We Destroying Dance Music?”

Written by on January 23, 2019

Laidback Luke has opened up about his fears for the future dance music in an interview with popular YouTube channel, Sidewalk Talk.

In the video which he later shared to his Instagram account, he says, “After the EDM boom, right now you see dance music getting smaller and smaller. It’s been worrying me, what happened?” He goes on to say, “One of the reasons I think is a lot of the dance music artists started creating pop music. So instead of promoting dance music, they’re promoting pop music.”

The reposting of this clip has seen a number of big names in dance music join the conversation in the comments section including, David Guetta, Oliver Heldens, Kaskade and Afrojack.

David Guetta commented saying, “Problem also comes from EDM becoming more formatted than pop and we all have a responsibility here. We started to do this to go against formats but we ended up creating new ones.”

Oliver Heldens said, “Maybe the Big Room/EDM sound is getting less popular (especially in the US), but Dance Music as a whole only seems to get bigger. Almost every sub genre has gotten a bigger/wider audience over the years; in this era you can be a DJ/Producer with a super niche/’odd’ or non-‘commercial’ sound/style, but still have a very successful career touring everywhere.”

Kaskade simply said, “I enjoy this conversation and I think there’s a lot to be said on this subject…”

Thousands of comments have followed on a very interesting discussion on the state of EDM right now.

This was the clip Laidback Luke shared on Instagram..

The video in full on YouTube..

Story by Mike Nicholas.