Drive Home with Snap

With Snap and Guests

The Drive Home with Snap, brought to you by Grandpa Figs, is Chch’s #1 local drive show. A consistently pointless ramble through the brain of local comedian and hero of the people, Snap presented by RuseWebsites…. A man who sold his last name for less than $300.

The show really isn’t about Snap though. Despite his numerous awards, critical acclaim, and astonishing popularity, what truly makes the show is you, the audience. Not just because Snap’s too lazy to make a real show and thus relies heavily on responding to your txts… no, you make the show because you’re genuinely bonza people, and we love you.

Each day of the week the show takes on a different feel as Snap is join by a different co-host. From the upbeat excitement of South Island RAW winner Georgie Sivier, to the dry indifference of Justin ‘Rusty’ White (Best Comedian at the Chch Comedy Awards). Political commentary from Corey Humm (Comedy Carnival People’s Choice Award), to the pure unadulterated stupidity of Cameron McLeod (Break Out Artist, Frinch Awards). And then Thomas Klever… he’s pretty casual about everything.

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