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LISTEN: Blueprint shares his new track ‘Front to the Back’

Written by on May 11, 2020

Local artist, Blueprint has just released his brand new track ‘Front to the Back.’ (listen below)

We caught up with him recently around the latest release and what he’s been up to during lockdown.


Q/ How has lockdown been for you? Have you found you’ve been able to get more done during the time?

A/ Lockdown has been good eh, it’s been up and down like most things but amongst movie marathons and family games of Monopoly I’ve managed to finish 4 tracks one being Front to the back and another is a collaboration with AFTA DINA MINT which is out later this month.


Q/ Tell us about this new track, how long has this been in the works?

A/ Roughly 6 months, I was going through a patch of sound design working on a lot of the aspects in the track. Whilst cooking up a butter chicken I threw together a beat and a lead sound as a muck around showing my flatmate what I had learnt recently. Since then the track has just developed into what you hear now.


Q/ Is this release part of build up to an EP or a collection of tracks?

A/ I did have the EP almost ready… I had listened to the project over and over and over and in the end I decided to take a step back from that project. I started doing all the sound design stuff, tried learning a few new techniques and found myself making front to the back which didn’t fit with the current EP project. For now I have 3 more tracks scheduled for release in the coming months, one of which was on the original EP. There will be an EP soon but for now I’m just trying to push my sound through a few singles.


Q/ Who’s been on your radar recently? Tracks you’re enjoying right now?

A/ Oh man, this ones always hard. I gotta say Loca, he’s a mate of mine but everything I’ve heard coming from that man lately had just been out of this world. As always Ian Munro. Some more recent favourites of mine consist of Hubstcy, Quiet Bison, We Rose, Yojas, man there’s a ton more I could be here forever.


Q/ Where can we keep up to date with what you’re doing?

A/ IG — pretty much all my content goes on instagram, I try my best to keep up with all socials but Facebook and instagram are my main two social platforms.


Listen to the new track, ‘Front to the Back’ below.


Story by Mike Nicholas