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Noisia announce they’re splitting up after 20 years

Written by on September 18, 2019

Noisia, one of dance music’s most respected and beloved acts, just dropped a bombshell by announcing their break up.

In an official statement by the trio, the trio cites that creative differences are what mainly influenced their decision to split up after almost 20 years of being together. With that being said, they still plan on going out with a bang, touring for the rest of the year (including in NZ at Northern Bass) and releasing more music.

The iconic trio has elaborated on their difficult decision to part ways in a new Billboard feature. As it turns out, they’re still friends, all have studios in the same place, will continue running companies together — and most importantly, still plan on making music together.

So why the decision to split? Noisia reveals to Billboard:

‘It surely wasn’t easy. So after 20 years of development and growth, we found ourselves wanting different things in music. Trying to reconcile these three individual developments into one consistent entity became too much of a compromise. For the longest time, we could each sufficiently express what we wanted in our music, but that gradually became more and more of a struggle. Instead of choosing one direction, we preferred to choose three directions.’

They continue:

‘Our new directions will be our other collaborative and solo projects. None of us is quitting music. We still have other projects together, and we’re always looking for new projects. We’re only stopping with one of our projects, because we couldn’t find agreement about where to take it next, and that has cost us far too much energy already.’

And the EDM world has been reacting to this news..

It’s not over just yet though, Noisia will continue until the end of 2020 and you can still catch these legends in NZ at Northern Bass this summer. Tune in to the Noisia Radio Show every Saturday night at 11pm on Pulzar FM 105.7 and iHeartRadio.

Story by YourEDM & Run The Trap