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Diplo wants fans to stop calling him “Daddy”

Written by on June 19, 2019

Diplo has asked his followers to stop calling him ‘daddy’, and it created a number of hilarious responses from accounts including Pornhub.

This plea was made in a tweet that Diplo, born Thomas Wesley Pentz Jr., shared on Sunday morning at the start of Father’s Day. ‘Stop calling me daddy my kids are getting confused,’ the 40-year-old DJ hilariously wrote to the shock of fans.

The term ‘daddy’ has been ruined in recent years because people choose to use the title, sometimes, to describe someone they think is attractive. But daddy originated as a less-formal version for dad or father.

Diplo has two sons, Lockett and Lazer, with Kathryn Lockhart, so his plea online was to make it less confusing when his children also called him ‘daddy’.

Hilariously, Pornhub was quick to respond to the post online with claims the request is not possible for the pornography site.

diplo daddy 2

Other people decided to use this as an opportunity to poke fun at Diplo by using the term as much as possible.  ‘Can I call you boyfriend?’ One person questions after seeing the Instagram, while another person called him a ‘D.I.L.F’.

‘Don’t tell me what to do daddy,’ one person hilariously commented.

Followers also wanted to know if they could use a variety of names that also mean ‘daddy’, such as ‘papito’, ‘papi’ and even ‘dadlo’. One fan said, ‘Ur gonna have to block me’.

Story by Daily Mail