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What So Not suffers concussion on stage

Written by on May 2, 2019

What So Not took the stage at Ubbi Dubbi fest over the weekend and not even a concussion could stand in his way.

Unfortunately, the producer smacked his head on a “low hanging LED wall” while climbing up onto the stage. He didn’t realize how serious it was until he couldn’t figure out how to select what to play. Major red flag.

As he reveals via social media: “We worked out pretty quick I’d concussed myself, but decided id deal with it after the set. It was a bazaar experience. Despite jumping around & smiling through it, I almost sat down & just gave up a couple times.”

He wants to apologize to anyone at Ubbi Dubbi, if the show seemed a “little off.”

The important thing is that he’s okay and hopefully getting some much needed rest.

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