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Marshmello is performing a gig inside Fortnite

Written by on January 30, 2019

This weekend Epic Games is throwing a Marshmello concert literally inside of their best-selling video game Fortnite.

It seems to be common for EDM stars to capitalize on the ever-growing eSports market at the moment. Last month saw Twitch star Tyler “Ninja” Blevins deliver a “soundtrack to gaming,” and this month Minecraft hosted the biggest virtual music festival to date.

Thanks to a series of recent leaks we know that the performance will take place on February 2nd at 2PM ET at the location Pleasant Park inside of the game. Here are more details from Forbes’ original source reporting the news:

  • It apparently will be its own limited time mode (an in-game event that’s only available for a finite period) called “Party at Pleasant Park” with respawns enabled, meaning you will most likely be able to kill each other during the party.
  • There’s apparently a cosmetic bundle for the event which will include a Marshmello skin, pickaxe and spray. No word on pricing.
  • There have been some leaked animations that show “DJ dancing” for lack of a better term which would appear to be how Marshmello himself will act on stage.
  • Object leaks have shown speakers, a stage, lights, all of which should be set up on the football field at Pleasant Park.

Whether you’re a fan of Marshmello or not, if you own Fortnite it’ll definitely be an interesting yet entertaining experience with the virtual masked DJ. It’s looking likely this will become more common in future and we have no doubt that Fortnite dance moves will be ON!

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